Hello Everyone.
My name is Dan Duffy and I headed up the Quality Control Department for Gretsch Guitars between the years 1957 - 1970. That means that pretty much every guitar had to pass through my hands and get my signature on the quality control 'OK Card' before it left the factory.

This page is here at the request of my many new friends on the Gretsch Discussion Pages who want to know a little more about me. Please click on one of the links below to see my guitars, hear some of my recordings or find out more about the book I wrote on my years with the Gretsch Company. (The songs are saved in various formats and can be downloaded to your hard drive - Right Click/Control Click and select download/save to disc).

My Guitars

My Recordings

My Book

C Jam Blues.mp3

C Jam Blues.wma

The Preacher.mp3

The Preacher.wma

Down & Up.mp3

Down & Up.wma

Well You Needn't.mp4




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